Revegetation on our Permaculture Farm

by | Aug, 2018

Revegetation of our demonstration farm grounds with local endemic species is one of the activities we have done for many years to transform a run down rural property into a resilient, peaceful and healthy place to live and work.

As a Permaculture enterprise we work to accomplish multiple benefits from everything we do, and our annual revegetation and landscaping efforts are a great way to apply and promote Permaculture.

Using our nursery stock we design and plant to provide multiple functions including windbreaks, bee fodder for our ‘Garden Honey’ hives, native fauna habitat, screening from road noise, seed sources for our nursery propagation, trialling plant ‘thrivability’, and show case our fabulous Midwest flora.

Many of the photos we use for our nursery labels and website come from our own property, and if we are short of time we can just go for a short walk to check out what plant species are coming into flower and seed; and how well our plants are growing.

This 2018 winter season, we have planted out mostly screening shrubs and lower growing flowering plants, on eastern areas near our entry gates including: Cape Burney, Mingenew, White Peak and Oakajee Lace Flower species, White Spike Bottlebrush, Umbrella Bushes, Weeping Acacias, Emu Bushes and Ribbon Peas.

If you are interested in the plant species we have used, take time out and come to nursery and farm to find out what plant species would suit your needs.


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