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Tennis Ball Pink Passionfruit



Large fruiting pink/purple passionfruit the size of a tennis ball. Subtropical variety that prefers a warm north-facing location in winter.

Passionfruit need moist and rich soil to perform well.

They will climb along fences and along overhead trellis. In hot, dry summer regions it grows better along fences rather than overhead trellis. Will grow better if protected from strong winds.

This is our favourite variety at our farm with excellent flavoured pulp.Allow skin to wrinkle slightly to attain full sweetness.

Form: Vigorous Climber
Size: 5m x 6m
Soil: Most soils
Fertiliser: Compost, blood & bone,
seasol and manures
Water: Twice weekly in dry periods
Wind: Partly tolerant
Sun: Full & part sun
Frost: Not tolerant

Passiflora edulis

Heirloom, non-grafted variety of passionfruit. Large amount of tasty fruit and vigorous vine.



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