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Heirloom Vegetable and Herb Seeds

All grown here in our Permaculture Gardens. Open Pollinated. Non GMO. Non Hybrid.

Local native and multi-use Plants

Seasonally Grown Plants Suited to Geraldton and the Midwest.
‘Locally Owned , Locally Grown’ in our Permaculture Nursery

Heirloom Seeds, Nursery Plants & More

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Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers
COMING SOON! Gift Vouchers for purchase of seeds and nursery plants (local pickup only).


Garden Honey. Available seasonally - 500g and 750g. Chemical-Free. Call for availability


COMING SOON! Browse On-line - Buy from Nursery - Local Pickup Only. No on-line sales. Plants all grown at our Permaculture Nursery.


Yilgarn Seeds Organic Heirloom Open Pollinated Seeds Vegetables, Herbs and Multi-use Plants Grown and Harvested exclusively from our Permaculture Gardens.

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise managed by the Drylands Foundation at the Drylands Permaculture Farm in Geraldton, Western Australia.  Our sales allow us to train volunteers in seed saving, propagation of nursery plants,  and continue to develop our demonstration organic seed gardens and permaculture education facilities.

Product Categories

Frequently Asked Questions

Select and Collect Plant Orders

All ‘Select and Collect’ Plant Orders allow you to produce a list of plants you wish to purchase from us. You can email us your list or print it out and bring it with you when you visit our nursery.

We offer direct nursery sales during our seasonal opening hours.

All plant purchases are accepted in a first come, first served basis, unless plants have been pre-ordered or have been confirmed by phone, txt or email prior.

We update our stock information regularly but at times we may sell out of our seasonally grown plant stock. Please call us on (08) 9938 1628 if you wish to confirm our stock before visiting us.



Pay Options

We only accept credit card payments for purchases made at our farm.

For postal seed orders and vouchers we accept payment through Direct Deposit or Cheque/Money Order. Upon receipt of your seed or voucher order we will confirm availability of stock and provide you with our Direct Deposit bank details.


Terms and Refunds

We do our best to ensure that the seed you order has his high viability and grows as well for you as it does for us.

Our terms can be read by clicking the Terms link at the footer of our webpages.

Pre-ordering Plants.

Plants can also be pre-ordered for following season. We begin out growing in January, so that plants are available for first rains in April/May.


Postage of Seed Orders

Seed Orders can be collected from our nursery or posted.

All orders under 100 packets are delivered by Australia Post – Express

Postage and handling are calculated at checkout.

For order over 100 packets – postage will be confirmed upon confirmtion email of your order.

Purchases of seed packets collected by person from our farm do not include a postage and handling charge.



Delivery of Plants

We can arrange pick up plants by courier companies, but you will need to contact us prior to ordering.

There will be an associated handling cost, in addition to courier costs. This cost will be based on the size of the order, and requirements of the courier company.



Bulk Orders of Seed

We do not do wholesale or bulk orders due the limitations of the size of our gardens where we grow and save our seeds.

Some seeds may have limits in regards to the number of seeds you can purchase. Our sweet corn is one example, where a maximum of three packets is available per customer. This ensures that we can fulfill our orders.


Use of Photos

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are of our varieties grown here on our farm and copyright to our Drylands Foundation.Please do not reuse without our permission

Uber woofer - Henni Hugging Cauiliflower

Thank you for supporting our social enterprise.

Featured Seeds

CHILLI – Inferno

Upright red fruit 40mm long and 10mm wide tapering to a point. A compact bush form with a long heavy fruiting period. Exhibits nematode tolerance.



Grown for it’s tender, crisp, oyster shaped heart and leaves which are best cooked in stir fries. Cool night temperatures are best for heading. Full sun during winter is best as the high light intensity encourages tight heading.


TOMATO – Golden Sunrise

Prolific indeterminate staking variety with excellent low-acid sweet flavour. Gold yellow round fruit, 50mm diameter. 80 days to maturity.


CHILLI – Red Thai Long

Bush grows to 600-700mm with long thin green fruit 80mm long and 5mm wide with a tapering point, that turns red when ripe. Slight circular ridging around the fruit. Hot, pungent and flavourful fruit that dries well.


SNAKE BEAN – Brown Seeded

Sometimes known as the Yard Long Bean, this climbing variety is heat tolerant but best grow in part shade in hot dry regions. It is not cold tolerant. Harvest pods when young and tender. Beans can be eaten steamed or stir fried.


CHICORY – Green Curled Endive

An annual plant grown like lettuce. Its Leaves are often tied or covered after 2 months with dark pots to blanch and make them less bitter. They are then picked as salad greens. If left to flower, the plants produce long spikes laced with delightful blue flowers.


Featured Plants

Acacia acuminata – Raspberry Jam Tree

Multi-use windbreak and privacy screening tree. Excellent termite resistant timber. Suits small land holdings and rural properties as tree crop or ornamental in smaller gardens.


Acacia coriacea – Weeping Mulga

An ornamental small bushy tree with weeping branches and  thin gracefully held leaves.

Useful for privacy screening and feature tree.


Acacia idiomorpha – Furry Leaved Wattle

Hardy small wattle local to the midwest regions coastal environments, including dunes and cliffs, along rivers and near coast sandplains


Acacia lasiocarpa – Dwarf Lime Sand Wattle

Low growing shrub for coastal regions. Small spines on leaves provide protective habitat.

Works well as a border plant.


Acacia leptospermoides – Robyn’s Dwarf Sand Wattle

Small open form wattle from Kalbarri region, growing to around one metre.


Acacia oxyclada – Dwarf Polly Wattle

Small hardy shrub from the Geraldton region. 


Contact Details

Drylands Foundation
333 David Rd (North), Waggrakine
Geraldton,Western Australia 6530

Tel. (08) 9938 1628
Email. info@drylands.org.au

Seasonal Opening Times

April-October: Thursday to Monday
November-March: Friday to Sunday

10am to 5pm. Closed Public Holidays.

Drylands Foundation

Drylands Permaculture Farm
333 David Rd (North)
Waggrakine, Geraldton
Western Australia

Drylands Foundation

The Drylands Permaculture Farm, is managed by the Drylands Foundation, a not-for-profit environmental organisation.

The Foundation utilises the Farm, to promote and demonstrate environmental sustainability and conservation through social enterprise.

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Photo: Popping Barley Grain © J. Barber 2010

333 David Rd (North), Waggrakine, Geraldton, Western Australia 6530

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