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  • CALENDULA – Orange flowered

    Calendula officinalis

    Brilliant orange flowered medicinal plant. Petals harvested, dried can be made into an antiseptic salve.
    Petals can be eaten and look stunning when drizzled with olive oil in a salad.

    Seeds per pkt: 75
    SKU: CALE-ORA (Seeds/pkt: 75) Categories: ,

    Limit:  One packet per order

  • MARIGOLD – African – Cracker Jack

    Tagetes erecta

    Brighten up your garden with these brilliant orange/yellow flowering annuals. Planted with tomatoes, eggplants and other root knot nematode susceptible vegetable crops in sandy soils.

    Seeds per pkt: 100
    SKU: MARI-CRA (Seeds/pkt: 100) Categories: , ,

    Limit:  One packet per order

  • MARIGOLD – Mexican

    Tagetes minuta

    Tall growing marigold used to fumigate soil to reduce nematodes. If grown for a full season, it can be effective for up to 3 years. The mulched leaves are a useful pest deterrent. An essential companion to tomatoes and capsicums. The foliage can cause skin irritations.

    Seeds per pkt: 200
    SKU: MARI-MEX (Seeds/pkt: 200) Categories: , ,

    Limit:  One packet per order

  • POPPY – Flanders

    Papaver rhoeas

    A brilliant red flowering poppy. The centre of each petal has an exquisite black pattern reminiscent of a Japanese painting. These beautiful winter/spring flowers self-seed every year, they glorify everywhere they grow.

    Seeds per pkt: 350
    SKU: POPP-FLA (Seeds/pkt: 350) Categories: ,

    Limit:  One packet per order

  • SUNFLOWER – Geraldton Giant

    Helianthus annuus

    Drought tolerant oil variety, best on poor soils , they can grow to 2.5m tall with masses of small headed flowers. During hot summers they cast a wonderful shade in vegetable gardens and serve as good decoys for pink and grey galahs. Chickens love eating the oily seeds.

    Seeds per pkt: 35
    SKU: SUNF-GER (Seeds/pkt: 35) Categories: ,

    Limit:  One packet per order

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