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Learn Permaculture

Practical Sustainability by Design

Practical Sustainability by Design

What is Drylands Permaculture

Dryland Permaculture is the application of Permaculture design in climatic regions of the world where mean annual evaporation exceeds mean annual rainfall. Short seasonal and sporadic rainfall events between periods of drought, limit water availability and biological fertility. Soils are typically low in organic matter and vulnerable to salinisation and degradation.

Dryland regions cover over a third of the world’s land surface and home to over 2 billion people, mostly in developing countries. As growing populations seek to meet their daily needs and desired improvement in livelihood, drylands are being placed under increasing pressure. These include over use of limited water sources, salinity, habitat loss and ‘desertification’.

We have learnt from our experience in Africa, the Middle East and Australia how Permaculture can prevent and remediate these adverse impacts, creating a hopeful future for the drylands.

Many of these lessons, such as harvesting water and creating guilds of productive plants are demonstrated on our property. This enables us to disseminate our knowledge of Permaculture through guided tours, workshops and work exchange stays.

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Learn Drylands Permaculture With Us

Take a Tour

Our tours will show you the many fascinating aspects of our work in a challenging landscape. Walking through our productive organic gardens and orchards, we share stories and the secrets of our success giving you a multitude of ideas to take home.

  • Scheduled Tours:  1 Hour $25 p/p, May-Oct, Monthly, first Saturday, 10am (min. 5 people)
  • On-demand Tours:  2 Hours $500/group (max. 25)

Our workshops deliver valuable knowledge on the activities that we undertake at the farm. Native seed collection, permaculture design, vegetable growing, seed saving and composting are just a few of the subjects we teach.

You can register your interest for a farm tour or one of our workshops advertised on our news page and feedbook page by email or by phone.

Become a Volunteer

Want to learn more by getting your hands in the soil? We welcome volunteers, who wish to regularly commit time and energy for an enterprise which supports the sustainable livelihood of our dryland communities.

Our activities are very varied, from nursery to office work, so there’s always something which will suit a range of people. Contact us at

Work Exchange

We are registered WWOOFIng and HelpX hosts if you are looking for a rewarding ‘hands-on’ work exchange stay during your travels.

WWOOFers and HelpXers are involved in the day to day activities in the running of our farm and permaculture enterprises, work a five day-a-week/eight-hour day and share the household chores including cooking and cleaning.

Contact us for more information on

More About Permaculture

If you are interested in sustainability, Permaculture or organic gardening we offer farm tours, volunteer days, work exchange and workshops.

Contact Details

Drylands Foundation
333 David Rd (North), Waggrakine
Geraldton,Western Australia 6530

Tel. (08) 9938 1628

Seasonal Opening Times

April-October: Thursday to Monday
November-March: Friday to Sunday

10am to 5pm. Closed Public Holidays.

Center map

Drylands Foundation

The Drylands Permaculture Farm, is managed by the Drylands Foundation, a not-for-profit environmental organisation.

The Foundation utilises the Farm, to promote and demonstrate environmental sustainability and conservation through social enterprise.

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333 David Rd (North), Waggrakine, Geraldton, Western Australia 6530

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