Organic Heirloom Vegetables & Herbs

Yilgarn Seeds

Heirloom Vegetable & Herbs

Open pollinated vegetable and herb seeds organically grown on our farm.  Non-GMO and non-hybrid.

Heirloom Vegetable & Herbs

Welcome to Yilgarn Seeds

We are a not-for-profit heirloom vegetable & herb seed business managed by the Drylands Foundation at the Drylands Permaculture Farm in Geraldton, Western Australia. Our seed sales allow us to train volunteers in seed saving and develop our demonstration organic seed gardens.

All our vegetable and herb seeds are organically grown in our permaculture gardens. They are all  non-GMO, open pollinated and non-hybrid.

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Why choose to buy our seeds

Grown Right Here

All our seed is grown here in our Permaculture Gardens in Geraldton. None of the seeds we sell are imported and repackaged.

Each season we select the best plants from each variety and progressively acclimatise them to our changing climate.

Trusted Advice

We have been growing, saving and selling heirloom seeds since the mid-1980’s. Our experience in dryland organic gardening allows us to offer practical advice on how and when to grow your productive garden and begin your own seed saving journey.

Buy On-line or At Selected Retailers

You can buy our seeds on-line or dropping in to see us during our seasonal opening hours.

We also have a number of retailers for direct seed packet sales..

In Geraldton:

  • CRT – Great Northern Rural Services,  Boyd St, Webberton (08) 9964 1274
  • Natures Choice,126 Marine Terrace, Geraldton (08) 9921 4558

In Perth:

Non-GMO, Chemical Free Seeds

All our seeds are Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid Open Pollinated heirloom varieties.

We grow organically and manage our gardens to avoid cross pollination and keep our varieties pure.

From the Past to the Future

Our vegetables, herbs and local native seed is a valuable biodiversity resource. By growing on seed, we are able to adapt our varieties to changing climate conditions and demands.

Our heirloom seed varieties represent the efforts of our past seed savers to preserve our botanical and culinary heritage for the future.

Contact Details

333 David Rd (North), Waggrakine, Geraldton, Western Australia

Tel. (08) 9938 1628

Seasonal Opening Times

April-October: Thursday to Monday

November-March: Friday to Sunday

10am to 5pm. Closed Public Holidays.

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The Drylands Foundation

The Drylands Permaculture Farm, is managed by the Drylands Foundation, a not-for-profit environmental organisation.

The Foundation utilises the Farm, to promote and demonstrate environmental sustainability through social enterprise.

Our mission is to inspire and empower local communities with the practical knowledge to implement ecologically sustainable development in dryland environments.

Photo: Seeds Galore – Yilgarn Seeds © J. Firth 2008

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333 David Rd (North), Waggrakine, Geraldton, Western Australia 6530