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Yilgarn Seeds

Yilgarn Seeds

Heirloom Organically Grown Vegetable and Herb Seeds

Grown with Love

We are passionate about Heirloom Seeds
and Growing Organically!

Welcome to Yilgarn Seeds

We are a not-for-profit heirloom vegetable & herb seed business managed by the Drylands Foundation at the Drylands Permaculture Farm in Geraldton, Western Australia. 

Our seed sales allow us to train volunteers in seed saving and develop our demonstration organic seed gardens and education facilities.

All our vegetable and herb seeds are organically grown in our farm’s permaculture gardens.

Our seeds are  non-GMO, open pollinated and non-hybrid.

Seeds Variety Stock List and Current Availability
ASIAN GREENS - Bok ChoiBrassica rapa subsp. chinensisIn stock50$6.00WA Only
ASIAN GREENS - PechayBrassica rapa subsp. chinensisIn stock50$6.00WA Only
ASPARAGUS - BrocksAsparagus officinalisIn stock25$6.00WA Only
ASPARAGUS - Mary WashingtonAsparagus officinalis-25$6.00WA Only
ASPARAGUS PEA - PalestinianTetragonolobus palestinensis-50$6.00WA Only
BARLEY - PoppingHordeum vulgareIn stock200$6.00WA Only
BASIL - East Indian CloveOcimum gratissimumIn stock20$6.00WA Only
BASIL - Sweet Giant-leavedOcimum basilicumIn stock50$6.00WA Only
BEAN - Black ValentinePhaseolus vulgarisIn stock40$6.00WA Only
BEAN - Franco's GreenPhaseolus vulgarisIn stock40$6.00WA Only
BEAN - French EpicurePhaseolus vulgarisIn stock40$6.00WA Only
BEAN - Giant of StuttgartPhaseolus vulgarisIn stock40$6.00WA Only
BEAN - Half White RunnerPhaseolus vulgaris-40$6.00WA Only
BEAN - Hawkesbury WonderPhaseolus vulgaris-40$6.00WA Only
BEAN - Purple KingPhaseolus vulgaris-40$6.00WA Only
BEAN - Staley's SurprisePhaseolus vulgarisIn stock40$6.00WA Only
BEAN - SunseekerPhaseolus vulgarisIn stock40$6.00WA Only
BEAN - Tropical LimaPhaseolus lunatusIn stock12$6.00WA Only
BEAN - WA RunnerPhaseolus vulgarisIn stock40$6.00WA Only
BEAN - Winged BeanPsophocarpus teragonolobus-12$6.00WA Only
BEAN - Yellow WaxPhaseolus vulgaris-40$6.00WA Only
BEAN - ZebraPhaseolus vulgarisIn stock40$6.00WA Only
BEETROOT - Hebrew Flat RedBeta vulgaris-90$6.00WA Only
BROAD BEAN - Lens' LongpodVicia faba-18$6.00WA Only
BROAD BEAN - Nick Kleijn'sVicia faba-30$6.00WA Only
BROAD BEAN - Peruvian EmeraldVicia fabaIn stock33$6.00WA Only
BROCCOLI - VerdanteBrassica oleracea-60$6.00WA Only
CALENDULA - Orange floweredCalendula officinalisIn stock75$6.00WA Only
CAPE GOOSEBERRY - Peruvian Ground CherryPhysalis peruvianaIn stock30$6.00WA Only
CAPSICUM - CentinelCapsicum annuumIn stock25$6.00WA Only
CAPSICUM - JapaneseCapsicum annuum-25$6.00WA Only
CARROT - All SeasonsDaucas carotaIn stock450$6.00WA Only
CATNIP - White FloweringNepeta catariaIn stock25$6.00WA Only
CAULIFLOWER- SnowballBrassica oleracea botrytis groupIn stock40$6.00WA Only
CELERY - Golden Self-BlanchingApium graveolensIn stock200$6.00WA Only
CELTUCE - Narrow LeafLactuca sativumIn stock50$6.00WA Only
CHAMOMILE - GermanChamaemelum nobileIn stock1500$6.00WA Only
CHARD - Italian Bledon SpinachBeta vulgarisIn stock100$6.00WA Only
CHICORY - Green Curled EndiveCichorium endivaIn stock200$6.00WA Only
CHILLI - Banos RedCapsicum annuumIn stock25$6.00WA Only
CHILLI - InfernoCapsicum annuumIn stock25$6.00WA Only
CHILLI - Red Thai LongCapsicum annuum-25$6.00WA Only
CHILLI - St Helena OrangeCapsicum annuumIn stock25$6.00WA Only
CHILLI - Yellow PeruvianCapsicum baccatumIn stock25$6.00WA Only
CHINESE CABBAGE - Wong BokBrassica rapa subsp. pekinensisIn stock50$6.00WA Only
CORIANDER - ChineseCoriandrum sativumIn stock60$6.00WA Only
CORIANDER - Thai Serrated LeafEryngium foetidumIn stock50$6.00WA Only
CORN - Chinese MiniZea maysIn stock100$6.00WA Only
CORN - Mexican SweetcornZea maysIn stock100$6.00WA Only
CORN - Multi-Coloured AztecZea mays-100$6.00WA Only
COWPEA - Benny's MoonVigna unguiculata-25$6.00WA Only
COWPEA - Black-Seeded ThaiVigna unguiculataIn stock25$6.00WA Only
COWPEA - Burkino FasoVigna unguiculataIn stock25$6.00WA Only
COWPEA - Crowdu Butter PeaVigna unguiculata-25$6.00WA Only
COWPEA - Purple Hull PeaVigna unguiculata-25$6.00WA Only
CRESS - GardenLepidium sativumIn stock50$6.00WA Only
CRESS - Water CressNasturtium offincinalisIn stock40$6.00WA Only
CUCUMBER - African HornedCucumis metuliferusIn stock25$6.00WA Only
CUCUMBER - Dongara Long White AppleCucumis sativus-30$6.00WA Only
DILL - CulinaryAnethum graveolensIn stock50$6.00WA Only
EDIBLE CHRYSANTHEMUM - Serrated LeafChrysanthemum x morifoliumIn stock40$6.00WA Only
EGGPLANT - Black BeautySolanum melongenaIn stock25$6.00WA Only
EGGPLANT - Laos Tiger Green StripeSolanum melongena-25$6.00WA Only
EGGPLANT - Pintong Long ImprovedSolanum melongena-25$6.00WA Only
FENNEL - MilanoFoeniculum vulgareIn stock50$6.00WA Only
FENUGREEK - MardaTrigonella foenum-graecumIn stock30$6.00WA Only
FEVERFEW - Bachelor's ButtonsTanacetum parteniumIn stock75$6.00WA Only
GARLIC CHIVES - White FloweringAllium tuberosumIn stock25$6.00WA Only
GOURD - Perhentian IslandLagenaria sicerariaIn stock12$6.00WA Only
GOURD - Yard LongLagenaria sicerariaIn stock12$6.00WA Only
HENNA - GazaLawsonia albaIn stock30$6.00WA Only
INDIGO - Upright IndigoIndigofera suffruiticosaIn stock30$6.00WA Only
JOJOBASimmondsia chinensisIn stock5$6.00WA Only
LABLAB BEAN - RongaiLablab purpureusIn stock30$6.00WA Only
LABLAB BEAN - Seven Year - HighworthLablab purpureus-25$6.00WA Only
LEEK - Perennial BunchingAllium ampeloprasumIn stock40$6.00WA Only
LEGUME SHRUB - DesmanthusDesmanthus virgatusIn stock30$6.00WA Only
LEGUME SHRUB - Green Bird FlowerCrotolaria cunninghamiiIn stock12$6.00WA Only
LEGUME SHRUB - LeuceanaLeucaena leucocephalaIn stock20$6.00WA Only
LEGUME SHRUB - Sesbania - Yellow Pea ShrubSesbania cannabina-30$6.00WA Only
LEGUME TREE - Earpod TreeEnterlobium cyclocarpumIn stock10$6.00WA Only
LEMON BALM - IranianDracohcephalum moldavicaIn stock30$6.00WA Only
LETTUCE - Brown RomaineLactuca sativaIn stock100$6.00WA Only
LETTUCE - FreckledLactuca sativaIn stock100$6.00WA Only
LETTUCE - GoldrushLactuca sativaIn stock100$6.00WA Only
LETTUCE - Light Green Wavy LeafLactuca sativaIn stock100$6.00WA Only
LETTUCE - Purple OakLactuca sativaIn stock100$6.00WA Only
LETTUCE - Rabbits EarLactuca sativaIn stock100$6.00WA Only
LETTUCE - Red BatavianLactuca sativa-100$6.00WA Only
LUFFA - Angled LuffaLuffa acutangula-12$6.00WA Only
LUFFA - Palestinian SmoothLuffa cylindrica-12$6.00WA Only
MALLOW - Egyptian SpinachCorchorus olitoriusIn stock50$6.00WA Only
MARIGOLD - African - Cracker JackTagetes erectaIn stock100$6.00WA Only
MARIGOLD - MexicanTagetes minutaIn stock200$6.00WA Only
MARULA - African Marula TreeSclerocarya birrea ssp. caffraIn stock5$6.00WA Only
MELON - Minnesota Midget RockmelonCucumis meloIn stock25$6.00WA Only
MINT - KoreanAgastache rugosaIn stock40$6.00WA Only
MINT - Palestinian ZartmaniiOriganum sp.In stock30$6.00WA Only
MINT - RuffledMentha sp.In stock40$6.00WA Only
MORINGA - Drumstick TreeMoringa oleiferaIn stock7$6.00WA Only
MOTHERWORT - CommonLeonurus cardiacaIn stock60$6.00WA Only
MUSTARD LETTUCE - MizunaBrassica junceaIn stock50$6.00WA Only
MUSTARD LETTUCE - Thai OysterBrassica junceaIn stock50$6.00WA Only
MUSTARD LETTUCE - Wasabi KaleBrassica junceaIn stock50$6.00WA Only
NASTURTIUM - Indian CressTropaeolum majus-25$6.00WA Only
OKRA - Lady's FingerAbelmoschus esculentus-40$6.00WA Only
ONION - Hebrew BrownAllium cepa-200$6.00WA Only
OREGANO - GreekOriganum spp.-50$6.00WA Only
OREGANO - Palestinian Za'atarOriganum syriacumIn stock50$6.00WA Only
PARSLEY - EgyptianPetroselinum crispumIn stock100$6.00WA Only
PARSLEY - ItalianPetroselinum crispumIn stock100$6.00WA Only
PASSIONFRUIT - Hawaiian YellowPassiflora edulis-15$6.00WA Only
PASSIONFRUIT - Japanese HardshellPassiflora maliformis-15$6.00WA Only
PASSIONFRUIT - Love-in-a-MistPassiflora foetidaIn stock20$6.00WA Only
PASSIONFRUIT - PawpawadillaPassiflora sp.-20$6.00WA Only
PASSIONFRUIT - Tennis Ball PinkPassiflora edulisIn stock15$6.00WA Only
PEA - Japanese and OregamiPisum sativumIn stock50$6.00WA Only
PEA - MedusaPisum sativumIn stock50$6.00WA Only
PEA - Purple PoddedPsium sativum-50$6.00WA Only
POPPY - FlandersPapaver rhoeasIn stock350$6.00WA Only
PUMPKIN - PawpawCucurbita moschata-15$6.00WA Only
PUMPKIN - Sweet GrammaCucurbita moschata-15$6.00WA Only
RADISH - Rat TailRaphanis sativus var. caudatusIn stock40$6.00WA Only
ROCKET - ArugulaEruca sativaIn stock50$6.00WA Only
ROSELLA - Hibiscus FlowerHibiscus sabdariffa-35$6.00WA Only
RUE - Jackman's BlueRuta graveolensIn stock30$6.00WA Only
SNAKE BEAN - Black SeededVigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalisIn stock25$6.00WA Only
SNAKE BEAN - Brown SeededVigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalisIn stock25$6.00WA Only
SNAKE BEAN - Red SeededVigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalisIn stock25$6.00WA Only
SNAKE BEAN - Two-toneVigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis-25$6.00WA Only
SNOWPEA - Chinese PinkPisum sativum-50$6.00WA Only
SNOWPEA - GiantPisum sativum-50$6.00WA Only
SNOWPEA - Giant and Chinese PinkPisum sativumIn stock50$6.00WA Only
SNOWPEA - Giant and Delta MatildaPisum sativumIn stock50$6.00WA Only
SNOWPEA - Sugar SnapPisum sativumIn stock50$6.00WA Only
SORGHUM - Mayo Broom CornSorghum bicolourIn stock200$6.00WA Only
SPINACH - Ceylon RunningBasella albaIn stock30$6.00WA Only
SPINACH - JapaneseSpinacia oleraceaIn stock70$6.00WA Only
SPINACH - Red MalabarBasella alba 'rubra'In stock30$6.00WA Only
SUNFLOWER - Geraldton GiantHelianthus annuusIn stock35$6.00WA Only
TANSY - Golden ButtonsTanacetum vulgareIn stock100$6.00WA Only
TOMATILLO - Grande VerdePhysalis ixocarpaIn stock30$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Black KrimLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Black RussianLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Broad Ripple Yellow CurrantLycopersicon pimpinellifoliumIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - BudiahLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Golden SunriseLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Green ZebraLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Indian MayanLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Lemon BoyLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Mama LucieLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - PersimmonLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Peruvian Red CherryLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Pink PonderosaLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Purple CalabashLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Red ChickLycopersicon lycopersicon-40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Rio ColoradoLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Saint PierreLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - San MarzanoLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - StupiceLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - SweetieLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Thompson Green GrapeLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - TigerellaLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Verna OrangeLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
TOMATO - Yellow PlumLycopersicon lycopersiconIn stock40$6.00WA Only
WATERMELON - Palestinian PrideCitrullus lanatus-12$6.00WA Only
WORMWOOD - Silver Leaved TreeArtemesia arborescens-500$6.00WA Only
ZUCCHINI - CocozelleCucurbita pepoIn stock15$6.00WA Only
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Featured Seeds

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell to all states of Australia?

Due to demand, including situations such as Covid-19,  we cannot always accept orders outside our midwest Western Australian region.

We will generally post updates on our blog and website pop ups as to current status of seed availability.

During periods when demands are high we may need to temporarily close our on-line store to fulfill orders and check stock.



All orders under 100 packets are delivered by Australia Post.

Postage and handling are calculated at checkout.

Postage and handling will not be charged for local pickups from our farm here in Geraldton, Western Australia.

Seeds per Packet

The number of seeds per packet is displayed next to the varieties’ SKU code.

We look to provide enough for gardeners for a number of seasons. Some seeds are very small and are hand counted rather than weighed, and some variation in actual seeds per packet may occur.

Pay Options
We accept payment for on-line orders through Direct Deposit or Cheque/Money Order.

Sorry we do not accept on-line credit card payments.

Upon receipt of your order we will confirm that we have stocks to meet your order and provide you with payment details.

For local pickup orders we have eftpos facilities.

Bulk Orders

We do not accept bulk orders due the limitations of the size of our gardens. 

Some varieties may have limits in regards to the number of packets you can purchase.

This is dependent on our current stock and what we are currently growing/harvesting in our gardens.

We will confirm quantities upon receipt of your order.

Use of Photos

The Drylands Foundation hold copyright of all photos used on this website, unless otherwise stated.

Please email us should you wish to use or link to our photos for non-commercial or commercial use.

Why choose our seeds

Grown Right Here

All our seed is grown on our farm’s Permaculture Gardens in Geraldton.

None of the seeds we sell are imported and repackaged.

Each season we select the best plants from each variety and progressively acclimatise them to our changing climate.

Trusted Advice

We have been growing, saving and selling heirloom seeds since the mid-1980’s.

Our experience in dryland organic gardening allows us to offer practical advice on how and when to grow your productive garden and begin your own seed saving journey.

Buy On-line or At Selected Retailers

You can buy our seeds on-line, call us on 0458 381628 or drop by during our seasonal opening hours.

We also have retailers for direct seed packet sales:

In Geraldton:

In Perth:

Non-GMO, Chemical Free Seeds

All our seeds are Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid Open Pollinated heirloom varieties.

We grow organically and manage our gardens to avoid cross pollination and keep our varieties pure.

From the Past to the Future

Our vegetables, herbs and local native seed is a valuable biodiversity resource.

By growing on seed, we are able to adapt our varieties to changing climate conditions and demands.

Our heirloom seed varieties represent the efforts of our past seed savers to preserve our botanical and culinary heritage for the future.

Seed Sales Limited

Heirloom Seed Sales – Demand and Current Limitations

Useful links and Downloads

Why Save Seeds

Produced by the Seed Savers Network

Seed Savers Manual

Produced by Seed Savers Network

Contact Details

Drylands Foundation
333 David Rd (North), Waggrakine
Geraldton,Western Australia 6530

Tel. (08) 9938 1628
Mob. 0458 38 1628

ABN: 60 163 754 943

Opening Hours

Please Call 0458 38 1628

Drylands Google Map

Drylands Foundation

The Drylands Permaculture Farm, is managed by the Drylands Foundation, a not-for-profit environmental organisation.

The Foundation utilises the Farm, to promote and demonstrate environmental sustainability and conservation through social enterprise.

Photo: Seeds Galore – Yilgarn Seeds © J. Firth 2008

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