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The Permaculture Nursery

Permaculture Nursery

Locally grown for our Midwest

Native and  permaculture plants all grown right here in our propagation nursery. Open for public sales.

Welcome to our Permaculture Nursery

We are a specialist propagation nursery operating from The Drylands Permaculture Farm in Geraldton, Western Australia. We are open to the public for plant sales and can grow to order.

We propagate local native and multi-use permaculture plants in sizes that range from seedling tubestock to 20 litre bag stock. We grow for farmers, gardeners, landscapers, mining companies and community groups who require quality plants and professional advice suited to their climate and soils.

Reasons to buy our plants

Locally Owned

Since 1989, we have been growing to order and selling plants, in particular local natives and permaculture plants as a locally owned and operated independent propagation nursery.

Grown with Care

We hand sow all our seeds and hand weed all our plants and use integrated pest management within the nursery.

Our seedlings are grown in 50x50x125mm tall ‘forest tubes’ produce air-pruned long linear root systems that lead to high planting success rates. Our advanced plants are raised in white bags which prevent root spiraling and improve their recovery when planted.

All our plants are sun and wind hardened before sale.

We use rainwater to raise our seedlings but switch to scheme water as they grow and are hardened. This allows the plants to adapt to the water quality in our region.

We only sell our seedlings when they are big enough to handle the real  world with good root growth and vigour.

Grown to Order

We can grow to order. We need to have orders placed in December or January. Our tube stock is raised during summer ready for sale in autumn and winter to coincide with our regions seasonal rainfall periods. Call us on 9938 1628 for more information on contract orders.

Fair Price and Trusted Advice

We produce quality plants priced for value and good growth. Prices are listed on our stocklist, and vary according to the size and cost of propagation.

As a not-for-profit we reinvest funds from plant sales in local employment, the development of our demonstration farm, implementation of our conservation activities and education.

Our nursery provides students, trainees and volunteers with valuable working experience in plant propagation.

We have years of experience and pass that experience onto our customers when they choose to buy plants from us.

If you are unsure of your garden needs, bring along a rough plan and we can recommend plants which will suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell citrus, avocado and mangoes?

While we grow and sell a good range of fruit trees including Figs, Brazillian Cherries, Pomegranites, Tropical Guavas and Grapes but we do not grow and sell avacados, apples or nut trees like almonds. We grow very limited amounts of citrus and olives. Please check out our catalogue and facebook for current availability

Do you sell palms?

Sorry we don’t grow and sell palms.

We can however provide you with other tree and plant options which may suit your property and garden.

Useful links on Midwest Flora and Gardens

View and Download our Catalogue and Stocklist

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Mulberry Harvest: next to be gathered, rinsed, and drained, then put into bags and frozen for mulberry smoothies, stalks and all.. ... See MoreSee Less

November 8th, 8:42 pm

Mulberry Harvest


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Dealing with surplus Mulberries? its been a productive year in the Geraldton area. What varieties of mulberries are you growing? Confused about what species of mulberry you have? Here is a really good link to read. balkanecologyproject.blogspot.com.au/2017/08/mo-mulberry-essential-guide-to-all-you.html . Also check out these varieties from Daleys www.daleysfruit.com.au/fruit%20pages/mulberry.htm .

Did 6 kg mulberry jam 3 weeks ago.. Minus the stalks. Every 1 was cut off with tiny sewing scissors.

This has been the best year ever for my Mulberry tree, it has been in for around 10 years. My mulberries never make it up to the house though, we both stand there and eat as we pick! 😄😄. Any that fall on the ground are quickly gobbled up by our 6 resident bobtails and their visiting friends.

I have 2 trees that I kept low so I go around and hand pick them. But I must admit we've lost a lot to the ground this year due to the high winds. This is the best year we've had and I just can't keep up.

It's been a good mulberry year hasn't it michele

Kaitlyn Ireland that's how it's done 😂👌


Marissa Drummond!

Sean Wells

Duane Crabb

Alison Goode

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Summer opening hours have begun, in saying that if you are from "out of town", phone us as we may be available to help out of hours. Ph: 0899 381626
333 David Road, Waggrakine, Geraldton
Local people, local plants, local wisdom.
... See MoreSee Less

November 3rd, 8:00 pm

Summer Opening Hours


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Love this place!! Sarah Jane Whitmarsh....

Plaiting Garlic ... See MoreSee Less

November 2nd, 8:00 pm

Plaiting Garlic


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Great idea julie to video and do the Q&A very informative ❤️

Cool! Hopefully we will be doing that some day 😊

Good advice Jules

Yummy work Naomi! Natalie you would love this place!

Jules do you sell some would love to buy some

Steve Ross you should visit these guys

Elizma Joubert

Kerrianne McNamara North

Bao Duy Nguyen

David James Maeder

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Contact Details

Drylands Foundation
333 David Rd (North), Waggrakine
Geraldton,Western Australia 6530

Tel. (08) 9938 1628
Email. info@drylands.org.au

Seasonal Opening Times

April-October: Thursday to Monday
November-March: Friday to Sunday

10am to 5pm. Closed Public Holidays.

Center map

Drylands Foundation

The Drylands Permaculture Farm, is managed by the Drylands Foundation, a not-for-profit environmental organisation.

The Foundation utilises the Farm, to promote and demonstrate environmental sustainability and conservation through social enterprise.

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Photo: Bee pollinating Rosemary © J. Firth 2011

333 David Rd (North), Waggrakine, Geraldton, Western Australia 6530

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