by | Mar, 2021

Our Nursery and Farm is open by appoint for 2021 by calling or texting 0458 381628.

Currently our energies are directed on building the strawbale education centre. As we are building it ourselves with the help of volunteers, we are dialing back the retail nursery on hold this year; though we still have a small range of stock available.

We have been growing a few wholesale orders this year but are juggling our time with the building which is taking priority.

We will have a few spare plants over the season of which we will advertise on Facebook as they are ready. Yilgarn seed sales are still available on line.

You can visit our Store page for plants and seeds.

We will be documenting our build on this website as time permits.

Thank you to all our customers, supports, volunteers and team for your continuing support and interest in our work!


0458 38 1628

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