Windbreak Trees and Shrubs for Geraldton

by | Oct, 2017

We are often asked the best way to start a garden in an urban or semi-rural property including growing fruit trees and vegetable gardens in our challenging windy climate.

The first step is to establish windbreaks. Slowing down and redirecting hot, desiccating easterlies and buffeting south westerlies, improves both livability of your home, increases your successes with orchard plants which need a wind sheltered microclimate to grow well, and save your own sanity!

Two or more lines of shrubs and trees are better than one, with increasing height of the inner line to ‘ramp up’ the wind over your house and garden.

In our nursery we grow and sell a range of windbreaks trees that we have used on the farm that suit our climate and soils. In the following posts we’ll highlight a few of our favourites including Jam Trees, Dongara Mallees, Fiery Bottlebrushes and Swamp Sheoaks.

Check out our stocklist on our nursery page for a list of currently available species.


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